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Environment, November 22, 2017

PATENT FOR SYSTEM FOR THE PRODUCTION OF HYDROGEN Plagazi is proud to announce that the latest Plagazi application for a patent for the production of hydrogen has been approved by the European Patent Office – EPO. This office, EPO, has also informed about a new way for database searches. “Y” searching sustainable technologies has never been easier Database searches for climate change mitigation technologies have just become easier: A new classification scheme (called “Y02-Patents”) helps retrieve “green” inventions from millions of entries in the European Patent Office (EPO) patent database Espacenet. Climate change mitigation technologies in Europe In October 2014,.

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Plasma and high temperature
Company, October 27, 2017

Plasma gasification differs from non-plasma gasification in one key area – temperature. Non plasma gasifiers typically operate between 800 and 900 °C. The temperatures inside Alter NRG’s gasifier reach over 3000 °C that utilizes its Westinghouse Plasma Torches. The syngas exits the gasifier at 950 °C. The slag flows out of the gasifier at 1650 °C. The higher temperatures inside our plasma gasifier result in the complete destruction of tars, something that is not achievable with non-plasma technologies. It is very difficult to remove tars downstream of the gasifier and therefore the utility of the syngas produced by non-plasma gasifiers.

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Next-Generation Power
Company, August 20, 2017

Next-Generation Power As the world looks for new sources of clean, renewable energy, the search is leading to Westinghouse. Specifically, our next-generation Plasma Gasification technology. Industrial-scale syngas production from waste can be converted to power, biofuels and petrochemicals or as a fossil fuel replacement. Plasma Gasifier will convert a wide variety of waste streams into a clean syngas which can be further altered to create other forms of energy. A plasma gasifier is an oxygen starved vessel where various feedstocks can be gasified using the very high temperatures achievable with plasma. Rather than being combusted, the heat  breaks the feedstock down into elements like.

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